Unwasted: The Podcast

Redefining Healthcare With Dr. Tiffany Lester

October 26, 2020 Imperfect Foods Season 1 Episode 41
Unwasted: The Podcast
Redefining Healthcare With Dr. Tiffany Lester
Show Notes

Is our country's obsession with health actually making us healthier?

Even before COVID-19 hit, health and wellness in modern America was big business, and a growing feature of our social media feeds. However, is our society focused on the right aspects of health or are we viewing it in a healthy way? This week we're getting a refreshingly holistic take on the world of health. Dr. Tiffany Lester is here to shed some light on this complex and often misunderstood field, including: 

  1. Why it's a mistake to see healthcare as a debate between traditional medicine and functional medicine, and how they really can help inform each other. 
  2. Why properly managing sleep and stress needs to be a bigger focus for most Americans. 
  3. What all the fuss about gut health is really about and why we all should nourish our microbiome. 
  4. Why it can be risky to take trendy supplements like Ashwagandha, magnesium, or fish oil without understanding them properly first. 

In a year defined by one of the biggest health crises of the modern era, this episode has eye-opening perspectives and practical advice for all of us to live healthier, happier lives. 

Episode Show Notes:

  1. Learn more about Tiffany on her Instagram page and her home base on Parsley Health
  2. Season 2 of the podcast The Dream is all about the wellness industry. 
  3. TIffany recommended using Google Scholar and PubMed for legitimate health and nutrition studies. 
  4. Tiffany says that higher-priced fish oils are often higher quality. 
  5. Tiffany's go-to karaoke song is anything by Whitney Houston