Unwasted: The Podcast

Feeding Your Community with Princess Haley of Appetite for Change

September 23, 2020 Imperfect Foods
Unwasted: The Podcast
Feeding Your Community with Princess Haley of Appetite for Change
Show Notes

What does it take to create positive change where you live? How can we heal as individuals and communities after experiencing trauma? 

Princess Haley has spent her life courageously answering these questions. She's one of the founders of Appetite for Change, an organization in North Minneapolis focused on using food to create health, wealth, and social change. 

In this truly moving discussion we cover: 

  1. How food justice and racial justice intersect in 2020. 
  2. How Appetite for Change responded to the murders of Jamar Clark and George Floyd. 
  3. How losing her son to gun violence shaped her outlook on healing.  
  4. What a better way to break out of cycles of violence and trauma looks like. 

This episode is a timely way for us all to better understand what's happened in 2020 that's also packed with wisdom we can apply to any year in our lives. 

An Imperfect Note on The Audio: Princess Haley had to change locations part way through recording due to technical difficulties. You'll notice that her audio changes part way through as a result. Recording podcasts can be imperfect, too, but we hope you still enjoy this episode as much as we did!  

Episode Show Notes:

  1. Learn more about Appetite for Change on their website and Instagram page. 
  2. AFC has produced several inspiring music videos including Grow Food and Trap or Grow as well as songs like Beautiful Black Queen
  3. Princess Haley recommends reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. 
  4. Princess Haley has worked with Reesma Manakem, author of, My Grandmothers Hands to learn how to heal and recover from trauma.